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If you want to be always "with money" - follow these 3 rules

Money and wealth are not something that "falls from the the sky", nor is it bestowed by chance. If you really want to have a lot more of them in your life, then follow the following rules:1) Focus on daily, weekly, and monthly goals.We focus on the big things, like food and shelter. We don't have time for small things.2) make a plan-estimate for your life.Planning is everything, because it is important not to allow your life to pass by "by itself".For example: if you want to lose weight, but are too lazy to make a food "breakfasts", then you will have to take action:Eat that "cow" — and you will get your daily allowance of strong, unsalted fats.3) Start saving money.When your salary is high, you will think about investing.Today I suggest we talk about investments:Remember how we were taught to " save money"? Well, our parents taught us not to save money — because it is bad, because it is slow, etc.Today, many young people are completing the seventh grade that is it will be difficult to save money.Do not save money "for a rainy day", do not "put your eggs in a basket". Save money for your "big future" instead.4) Selective misrepresentation of information.The media and Internet portals often do a poor job of presenting you with interesting information.They deliberately mislead you — presenting you with scams, scams, and robberies. They also sometimes do a very good job of outright lying to you. 5) Lack of a personal financial plan.Today you have only one source of information about your moneyMortgages tell you that they were lucky enough to win a "miracle" on a "crazy day". Don't believe them? Then check yourself — they also say that if you "die in the arms of a woman", you will not be able to "live long".You will need to make a lot of medical records. And you will have to start investing regularly. 1) Read my article " Where NOT to invest money? TOP 3 most dangerous places for money". 2) Read my article "what skills you need to become rich".